Old West End Academy third graders were recently invited to a Book Tasting event so they could 'sample' great books across various genres.

The purpose behind the event - spearheaded by teachers Sheryl Pitsenbarger and Sandra Chittum - was to spark the reading interest of the students, who have a goal of reading 40 books each this school year.

Warren Woodberry, the founder and moderator of the award-winning chess team at Jones Leadership Academy, reports there are ambitious plans for the coming school year.

First, he wanted to thank Doni Miller and Neighborhood Health Association/Cordelia Martin Health Clinic for purchasing new chess uniforms for the team members.

Reflection on family engagement is a great way to understand strengths and challenges that can be used in developing a plan to create or enhance a family-friendly environment in all Toledo Public Schools.

That's why a committee has created a list of questions designed to get the input of families, community members and TPS employees about their experiences at TPS schools.

The culmination of TTA's First Week is the traditional Robot Wars. Student teams built robots to competed in a "Duck Pond." The object was to design a robot that could move "rubber duckies" to three different staging areas and score points. The winner: Team 45. This is just another example of the ingenuity, creativity, and technical know-how that our students apply to projects. Kudos to all teams that competed in this exciting event.

First Week is unique to TTA. Students do not attend regular classes. Instead, they are teamed-up to challenge each other with a variety of activities and projects. This year, they designed and constructed models of tiny houses, after the HGTV Show. They did an egg drop - engineering a way to drop an egg from the second floor to the first with their team leader under the mesh-covered platform. They also had to walk through the "Mine Field" blindfolded - a room with dozens of mouse traps on the floor and only one of the team members to guide them ... in the dark. They made banners, web pages, of course designed a robot, and so many more challenging things.

This is team-building at its finest, and it requires ingenuity, creativity, and technical skills - from all grade levels (7 - 12).


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There's still time to register your students for the 2017-2018 school year.

Parents and guardians are asked to download and fully complete these registration documents and either bring them to the Student Data department at the TPS Educational Campus, 1609 N. Summit St., (419-671-0200) or drop them off at the school where their students are to attend. (There are staff members in the high schools now and all schools will be fully open on August 3).