By Sarah Elms | BLADE STAFF WRITER Published on Oct. 4, 2017 | Updated 12:01 a. m.

First in a monthly series on the Young Executive Scholars program.

Selina Griswold split 13 Jones Leadership Academy students into two groups and gave them a challenge: Without speaking, line up alphabetically by last name.

The exercise kicked off a new program called Young Executive Scholars, a partnership with University of Toledo’s business college and Toledo Public Schools’ Jones Leadership Academy aimed at preparing high school juniors and seniors for the college and business worlds. The challenge was Ms. Griswold’s first lesson in collaborating. It demonstrated how leadership and creative thinking are key to solving problems.

Byrnedale Elementary Principal Christina Ramsey had seen a Little Library in Old Orchard and was determined to have one for her school.

"Little Libraries have been popping up all over the city and I have been wanting one for our Byrnedale Bulldogs to help them grow their libraries at home," she says.

All three TTA American Government classes were honored to have a real-life civics lesson on October 30. Federal Court Judge Jack Zouhary spoke to the students about the federal court system, and he hit a home run with all of them. Perhaps Judge Zouhary missed his calling. He could also have been a great teacher. The kids loved his easy-going style and down-to-earth presentation.

Our government students have been studying the judicial system, starting with the lower federal district courts and ending with SCOTUS. Judge Zouhary really brought it home when he reaffirmed everything they have been taught. It's one thing to hear it from the teacher or to read it in a textbook, but Judge Zouhary shared his knowledge of the court system by quizzing the students as he made his presentation. Thankfully, they were able to show-off their acquired knowledge, and that impressed him.

He allowed time for students to ask questions, and they came through with a myriad of great queries, which he thoughtfully and graciously answered. The hour flew by, and students wished it could have been longer. On a side note, Judge Zouhary is a DeVilbiss alumnus, and he thoroughly enjoyed a tour of his old Alma Mater after the presentation.


Toledo Public Schools is set to announce its latest initiative in career technology options for high school students.

District leaders on Wednesday will unveil a plan to open the Aerospace and Natural Science Academy of Toledo in time for the 2018-2019 school year. The new academy is aimed at ninth- through 12th-grade students interested in the fields of aviation, environmental science, sustainability, and wildlife management.

Students currently enrolled at the TPS Aviation Center and Natural Science Technology Center have a split schedule. Part of their day is spent at their home high school, and the remainder is spent at the center, where their specialty classes are offered. The new academy will allow students to take both their core curriculum and specialty classes at the same building.

The academy will be located at Toledo Express Airport in the building that used to house the Flight Safety International pilot training program.