Building for Sucess

The Building for Success program is the largest single building project in the history of the City of Toledo.

Funded by state and local monies, this $800 million program to rebuild and renovate all district schools will transform the landscape of Toledo and improve educational opportunities for generations of students to come.  This massive project is projected to be completed in December, 2011.   

Gallery of Great School Designs

Listed below is an updated list of each segment of the project and the schools that are part of each segment:

Segment One - Start High School, Bowsher High School, Rogers High School, Leverette Middle School, Samuel M. Jones @ Gunckel Park Middle School, Robinson Middle School, East Broadway Middle School, Oakdale Elementary, Ottawa River Elementary
Segment Two - DeVeaux Middle School, Elmhurst Elementary, Glenwood Elementary, Chase STEM Academy, Burroughs Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, Garfield Elementary, Keyser Elementary, Navarre Elementary, Stewart Academy for Girls, Byrnedale Middle School, McTigue Middle School
Segment Three - Westfield Elementary, Whittier Elementary, Sherman Elementary, Grove Patterson Academy, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary, Arlington Elementary, Spring Elementary, Raymer Elementary
Segment Four - Larchmont Elementary, Reynolds Elementary, Hawkins Elementary, Walbridge Elementary, Woodward High School
Segment Five - Beverly Elementary, Longfellow Elementary, Marshall Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Old Orchard Elementary, Pickett Academy, Riverside Elementary, Scott High School