Transportation FAQ's

What if my student leaves personal items on the bus?

Most drivers will hold lost articles on the bus for a day or two. Have your child ask the driver on the next school day.  After that time period, the bus garage maintains a lost and found. For items left on the bus, please call the Transportation Department at 419-671-8541.

I was not home when my child’s bus arrived. Where is my student? What do I do?

All students are picked up and dropped off at their assigned stop. If the bus is running more than 10 minutes late you will receive notification via BusBulletin of the delay in service. Parents are encouraged to sign up to receive these notifications by signing up here: Only if your child requires an authorized adult to be present at the time of drop off should you notify the Transportation Department at 419-671-8541.

Is a parent or guardian required to be present at my child’s stop?

In general, parents and guardians are not required to be present. In some cases, however, it is required for an authorized adult to meet the child at the designated stop. This is typically done for students who require additional assistance upon departing the bus.

The bus is late dropping off my child after school. What should I do?

If the bus is more than 15 minutes behind your scheduled drop off time, you should call the Transportation Department at 419-671-8541. Parents/guardians can also sign up to receive notifications regarding their transportation service via Bus Bulletin at

If my child is late to his or her bus stop, should I take him/her to another bus stop?

No. It is very unsafe to follow a school bus to another stop.  The bus driver does not expect your child to be there and may not see him or her running to the bus. This places your child in a very dangerous situation.  It is much safer to take your child directly to the school.

My child’s bus did not come this morning. What should I do?

Call the Transportation Department at 419-671-8541.  Remember, the child should be at the bus stop at least five minutes ahead of pickup time and remain at the stop for at least 20 minutes before returning home.  The Toledo Public Schools Transportation Department is now offering the BusBulletin Notification System for all of our yellow school bus riders in grades K through 12. If you would like to receive instant notifications when delays or incidents affect your student’s bus, please register at www.BusBulletin.

What is the busing routine if my student is part of Early High School Opportunity?

Students in the EHSO program are transported from the home elementary school to the feeder pattern high school. At the conclusion of classes at the high school, students are transported back to their home elementary school.

My child attends a charter, private or parochial school that does not provide transportation services. Can transportation be provided?

As a parent, you should contact your school about their transportation services. If none is available, contact the Toledo Public Schools Transportation Department at 419-671-8541. If it is not practical for TPS to provide transportation, we can work with you to initiate a process to establish payment-in-lieu of transportation. Parents are not afforded the option of being paid for transporting their own child in cases where the service is provided by the district but is not the service parents prefer. A Request For Transportation application must be completed each school year and returned by October 1st.

The bus passes by my house on the way to a stop up the street. Why can’t the bus stop and pick up my child at home?

It would be impossible to efficiently provide door-to-door service to every student and do so in a timely manner. It is more efficient to pick up several students in one stop, usually at a corner or other midway point for the students. Ohio Administrative Code 3301-83-13b1 states that children may be required to walk up to one-half mile to a designated bus stop.

The corner to which my child is assigned is too far. Can I change this stop?

Ohio Administrative Code 3301-83-13b1 states that children may be required to walk up to one-half mile to a designated bus stop. Therefore corner stops are determined to ensure the safety and efficiency of bus routes, and are approved by the Board of Education. We review unsafe conditions when they are brought to our attention.

My special education child is picked up and dropped off at home. Can the student’s sibling(s) ride along also?

Yes, as long as they attend the same school and there is room on the bus.

Can my child receive transportation to a daycare facility?

Only if the daycare is located within the local school boundary and the child lives more than one mile from the school. Please contact your local community school for more information - all changes to transportation must originate at the school.



My child has an IEP (Individualized Education Program). Can my student receive transportation?

All arrangements are coordinated through the Student Assistance Center. Most special needs students are transported just like their peers. For those special education students who have an IEP with transportation marked as a related service, they will be given transportation per the IEP.

If my TPS student is eligible for a TARTA bus pass, how will he or she receive one?

The passes are available at the school. There is a $5 fee to replace lost cards.

How will parents be notified of an eligible student’s bus assignment?

Assignments are posted at schools before opening day and are available through the school office.

I’ve recently moved, what steps should I take to arrange transportation?

Click this link to access WebQuery to determine the school within your neighborhood.  Once that is determined, contact the school to submit your change of address.  Once the transportation request has been processed you will be notified of the bus stop and corresponding pickup and drop off times for your child(ren).

My child was granted an out-of-district waiver. What are the transportation arrangements?

Transportation is not provided for students with out-of-district waivers.  Parents waive transportation when they enroll their student in a non-neighborhood school.  If transportation is an issue, please contact the Pupil Placement Office at 419-671-8229 to see if a closer school is available.

My child attends Toledo Public Schools. Will he or she receive transportation?

Transportation eligibility is based on the distance from the home to the school. Students in grades K-8 who live more than one mile from their assigned school will receive yellow school bus service. Students in grades 9-12 will receive TARTA bus service which includes fare box swipe cards. The passes are available at the students' assigned school. There is a $5 fee to replace lost cards.


Will I be notified if there is an accident involving the bus?

The majority of our accidents involve the bus hitting the mirror of a parked car or other similar minor incidents. Parents are not notified of these types of accidents. If there is a serious accident, a TPS official will contact the students' parents/guardians immediately. It's imperative that student's emergency contact information is up to date with your local school. Parents/guardians should be aware that no child can be released from the accident scene until the authorities have arrived and determined the situation.

How safe are your buses?

National studies have shown that school buses are the safest mode of transportation for pupils, nearly 30 times safer than passenger cars.  All of our buses pass safety inspections twice a year by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

All school bus drivers are State of Ohio certified which includes yearly continuing education in-services, background checks per Ohio Revised Code and a mandated recertification process.