About Us

The Toledo Public Schools Foundation is an independent charitable organization governed by a volunteer board of trustees. It was created more than 25 years ago with the express purpose of connecting Toledo Public Schools to effective and innovative community resources.



The mission of the Foundation is to promote quality public education and student success at TPS through supplemental funding for programs, academic initiatives and scholarships.

That mission is carried out in two very important ways:

  • By providing financial support to deserving TPS students and graduates to create community leaders of tomorrow. Scholarships are awarded annually to graduating students to be used for college, pre-apprenticeship programs, trade school, or special job training.

  • By working to enrich the educational experience of each child in every TPS school. We achieve this by providing programs, raising funds and uniting the Toledo community in support of educational excellence.


The board of trustees of the Toledo Public Schools Foundation is extremely proud of the 25-plus history of the foundation but they also recognize every organization must remain relevant. The Foundation’s board members have been meeting with key TPS leaders to develop an updated strategic plan. That plan, recently adopted by the Foundation board, calls for a transformation while keeping its strong commitment to TPS.

Like the district’s Transformation Plan, the Foundation’s plan represents a blueprint for change, for collaboration with TPS board members, administrators and staff to ensure that all work supports the most important needs of TPS. A main focus is also to attract the full power of the Toledo community to provide the best educational experience possible for our students. We will work in partnership with the CEO/Superintendent and the TPS Development and Community Relations Department in order to serve students’ needs and advance our mission.

The need today has never been greater. It grows from our desire for education excellence, supported largely by voter-approved taxes and community generosity. Public school funding in Ohio has changed substantially, altering the public/private partnership. It is quite evident all of the needs cannot be met through local property taxes and government support. Private philanthropy, through the Foundation, remains a means by which we can make the exceptional difference.