On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, more than 800 TPS students participated in a Spartan Community Day Workshop which was hosted by Joe De Sena, Spartan Race CEO and founder. The program brought together middle school students from 13 area TPS schools, all gathered at the Huntington Center for a day filled with activity. The health-focused workshop provided TPS students with the opportunity to learn and practice age-appropriate body weight exercise that can be done from their own homes, whether it be in their bedrooms, living rooms or backyard.

Dr. Durant, who was in attendance during the workshop, stated, “This is an excellent example of how we can come together as a community to share the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by actually providing our students with opportunities to truly experience it firsthand and not just talk about it.”

The event was made possible through a partnership with EPIC Toledo. The organization brought Mr. De Sena into the area for a community leadership event, and after realizing the greater impact that could be made, reached out to TPS administration and local organizations for support in this student-focused effort - the Toledo Public Schools Foundation (TPSF) was one of those supporting organizations!

Promoting Healthy Choices to TPS Students

promoting2The TPS Foundation was proud to support this unique and memorable event for students. The Foundation donated the funds which provided a healthy lunch to all students who attended the workshop. This allowed students to not only experience how they can lead a healthy lifestyle in terms of physical activity, but also helped them to learn more about the healthy and tasty food options that are available to them.

"We are thrilled to be able to sponsor a part of today's event,” said Erica Halada, the Foundation's executive director. “The Toledo Public Schools Foundation is newly restructured and re-energized, but our commitment to enhancing opportunities for the students at TPS remains the same. Events such as today are great examples of the opportunities we will continue to seek in reaching greater impact in our district."

Together, EPIC Toledo, Spartan Racing, Toledo Public Schools and the TPS Foundation were able to offer a truly inspirational event to students. “Thank you to EPIC and Joe De Sena for offering our TPS students the opportunity to participate in the event today,” Dr. Durant said.

The TPS Foundation continues to support the students within our district and the programs that help to make a difference in their lives. To learn more about the work we do, visit our blog. If you have questions about the TPS Foundation, contact Executive Director Erica Halada at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..