The Toledo Public Schools district isn’t just innovative in its approach to education, but also its communication tactics! The district recently launched This Is TPS, a podcast that allows the community to learn about the inner workings of the district and how it prepares students for their futures.

This Is TPS PodcastIn Episode 01 of the This Is TPS podcast, host Candice Harrison speaks with TPS CEO/Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant about the commitment the district has to serving its students. During the episode, Dr. Durant explains the wraparound services TPS provides to students. This includes the services that come as a result of the district’s partnership with local agencies including the United Way of Greater Toledo and grassroots agencies throughout the area. These partnerships allow TPS to provide education to students, while also ensuring that they are in a good place to learn both physically and mentally. Examples of this wraparound approach include having onsite mental health providers at certain schools and after-school programs to ensure children have the supervision they need, along with constructive activities and food assistance.

TPS’ Innovative Communication Approach

Dr. Durant explains the strategic business actions taken by the district that have allowed TPS to offer the best possible experience to all students. He also touches on the importance of an inclusive approach of communication with students, faculty and staff members.  

The newly launched podcast will allow the community to learn about the district’s initiatives, achievements, programs and more through one of the sincerest forms of communication in today’s world. Subscribe to the podcast to not only listen to Episode 01 with Dr. Durant, but to always be the first to know what the district has on the horizon.

Join the TPS Foundation as a TPS Advocate

The TPS Foundation is proud to support a district that constantly evolves in an effort to provide an educational experience that prepares students for the most successful future possible. We encourage all TPS supporters to continue to engage with the district and serve as advocates. By subscribing to the This Is TPS podcast and following both TPS and TPS Foundation social channels, you arm yourself with the knowledge that may help us increase support and enhance the future for even more students.

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