Gifted Program

Gifted Program
Posted on 10/22/2019

Toledo Public Schools strives to provide an environment where all students can thrive and be challenged and supported. We currently support that goal through a variety of approaches:

  • Curriculum differentiation

  • Gifted sections of ELA and Math for 5th, 6th and 7th grades

  • Subject acceleration and EHSO

  • Whole grade acceleration following ODE guidelines and using the Iowa Acceleration Scale and approved assessments

  • College Credit Plus (CCP)

  • Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes

Children who are gifted and are receiving gifted services have a Written Education Plan (WEP) that provides goals for the student.

Children who are subject or whole grade accelerated have a Written Acceleration Plan (WAP) that provides a plan for the transition to the higher class or grade level.


Click below for more information about the Gifted Program at Toledo Public Schools:

Fact sheet/program schedule

Staff roster

Gifted Resources

This is a link to a guide to help educators and parents understand the difference between a bright child and a gifted child:

This is a resource for parents and educators:

The Ohio Association for Gifted Children is also a great resource of information for parents and educators:

The National Association for Gifted Children is another valuable resource for parents and educators.