Business Division

One of the most visible components of Toledo Public Schools is the Business Division, the Print Shop, Maintenance and Security Departments.

The Business Division is responsible for the care and custody of TPS property. It provides oversight of most non-instructional service, including construction projects and the maintenance, operation, and repair of facilities, as well as the bidding of district contracts and management of district budgets.

Business Division staff members also help students get to their clean, well-maintained school buildings safely, and provide nutritious meals, functioning technology and a secure environment in which they can thrive.

Food Service and Child Nutrition
Girl eating lunch

A hungry student may have a hard time focusing on learning. That’s why the Toledo Public Schools Food Service Department provides 7,000 breakfasts and 14,500 lunches for students every single school day.

We follow USDA guidelines to provide balanced and nutritious meals for our students, while also meeting specific dietary needs.

 To learn more about the food offered in TPS cafeterias, click the following links: Nutrient Analysis of TPS FoodsSchool Snack Food Guidelines and School Beverage Guidelines


Maintenance & Operations
Print Shop
Public Bidding / Request For Proposal / Quote
Surplus Equipment & Furniture