A Letter from the Director

I would first like to say welcome to Toledo Public Schools. We are honored that you have chosen us to educate your child. We are committed to serving all students, including students with disabilities. It is the goal of the district to provide an appropriate education to all students, allowing them to have access to the general education curriculum. It is also the goal of the district to be compliant in every aspect of local, state and federal law. Programs are provided to support students with learning disabilities, emotionally disturbed, multiple handicapped, and hearing and visually impaired, developmentally handicapped, other health impaired, autistic, traumatic brain injured, and speech and language impairment.

Toledo Public Schools offers a continuum of services beginning at the pre-school level and culminating with graduation. Toledo Public Schools believes that special education is a service, rather than a place. Through commitment and dedication, the district has moved from a district of seclusion, to a district with a full continuum of services.

Prior to evaluating a student for special education services, the district has developed Intervention Response Teams in each building to observe and provide interventions to students. These teams are made up of classroom teachers, administrators and parents. The student’s teacher brings data to the team concerning academic and/or behavior issues. The team then suggests interventions and supports. If the team feels that the student needs more than what can be provided through interventions, the next step is an evaluation.

Inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classes has become a priority, as the district realizes that regular education settings provide students with disabilities stimulation and modelling for learning, as well as opportunities to learn positive social and vocational skills and build self-esteem. Staff is provided to support both the general education teacher and the student with disabilities.

Sincerely, Beth Barrow, Director of Student Services

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Is Your Child Struggling in School? Are You Worried He or She Might Have A Disability?

Has Your Child Been Diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disability, Mental Health Condition, or Anything Else that is Impacting School Performance? Your Child May be Entitled to Either an IEP or a 504 Plan under federal law to provide supports in school.

  • Every school has an intervention response team to help determine what your child may need to be more successful. You may refer your child at any time by contacting the school psychologist about your concerns. The team will try interventions to see if they help your child improve or if further supports are needed. Intervention teams meet monthly, and parent input is important.
  • You may also request that your child be evaluated for special education (an IEP) at any time during the intervention process by providing a written signed request. The school team must then either evaluate your child within 60 days or provide you with written notice as to why they feel it is not necessary within 30 days.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Student Services at 419-671-8413.


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