Entrepreneur Jake Steinfeld (of Body by Jake fame) was on hand last week when the ribbon was cut on Glendale-Feilbach Elementary’s new DON’T QUIT fitness center.

It wasn’t just a random visit.

Mr. Steinfeld, the chairman of the National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils, joined other dignitaries for an Oct. 4 news conference announcing that Glendale-Feilbach was one of three schools in the state of Ohio to be selected as a National Fitness Champion for ‘demonstrating new and innovative ways for promoting student physical activity and wellness.' The prize for winning the honor was $100,000 in gym equipment.

After the school year started with the deaths of two students, Whittier Elementary Principal Eric Remley has one goal: to get his students smiling again.

He is hoping that what will do the trick will be the district-wide Stand Together initiative that was introduced at Whittier during a news conference last week.

“[There have been] discussions throughout the district on how we can make sure that all of our students know how important they are to their school community and that there are resources available to help them deal with bullying, cyber-bullying, online dares and peer pressure in general,” Mr. Remley said as students sat on the floor before him and held banners around him.


The Start High School Spartans, which recently won their second straight City League title, took on the Woodward High School Polar Bears on Thursday, Nov. 3, in the revival of the Old Newsboys Shoe Bowl.

The game, which was covered by BCSN, was played at Start. The Spartans won the game with a score of 21-0, becoming the winningest TPS team in the Shoe Bowl since the first game was played in 1966.

Updated on November 4, 2016


Marcellus Hunt from Woodward High School has been named the City League's Player of the Year, while his coach, Rob Garber, was named Coach of the Year. Click here for the full listing of those players named to the 2016 All-City Team: City League's All-City Football Team 

Posted on November 2, 2016


Dr. Romules Durant, CEO/Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, has added a fun task to his duties each week: surprising the two TPS football players who have received the McDonald’s Players of the Week honors. Each player receives a TPS Proud sticker for his helmet and a TPS Proud t-shirt.

Congratulations to the following athletes (with the most recent honorees listed first):

Seventh Week

Offensive Player of the Week: The offensive line of Woodward High School (which consists of Daryl Houston, Antonio Adams, Dillon Johnson, Anthony Haynes, Sincere Barnett

Defensive Player of the Week: Damante Stewey of Rogers High School

Sixth Week

Offensive Player of the Week: Legend Tucker of Start High School

Defensive Player of the Week: Demorrus Bankston of Woodward High School 

Fifth Week

Offensive Player of the Week:Trey Mathena of Waite High School

Defensive Player of the Week: Jeff Hudson of Woodward High School

Fourth Week

Offensive Player of the Week: Bryce Mitchell of Bowsher High School

Defensive Player of the Week: Nate Ponce of Waite High School

Third Week

Offensive Player of the Week: Octavio Ortega of Waite High School

Defensive Player of the Week: Kejuan Jones of Rogers High School

Second Week

Offensive Player of the WeekRonnie Sanders of Waite High School

Defensive Player of the Week: Gnonn Caraway of Woodward High School

First Week

Offensive Player of the Week: Marcellus Hunt of Woodward High School

Defensive Player of the Week: Ke-Shawn Jones of Rogers High School

Two more players will be chosen after this weekend's games. 

Updated on October 14, 2016

We’ve Moved!

That’s right, the administrative offices for Toledo Public Schools have moved. The new address is 1609 N. Summit St.

The new Toledo Public Schools Educational Services Campus houses the Superintendent, Treasurer, Human Resources and other core administrative departments. The district has owned the building (the former Summit Annex) for many years; at one time it housed the district’s adult education program and offices for other community outreach agencies. The building has been renovated and staff are now situated in clusters, providing a more collaborative working environment.

District leaders weighed their options – renovate the Thurgood Marshall Building on Manhattan Boulevard or the former Summit Annex? In the end, it was determined to be more economical and feasible for the district to make the move to the fringes of downtown Toledo.

The phone number for the new administration building is 419-671-0001. You can also access a complete staff directory at http://bit.ly/29Pf4tW on the home page at www.tps.org.

Posted on July 15, 2016

Before Joseph Kebbie returned to his native Sierra Leone, he spoke of his year as an exchange student at Toledo Technology Academy in a speech at the U.S. State Department to his fellow KL-YES exchange students.

He spoke of the many lessons he had learned, and especially raved about his experience at TTA and living with Ted (Gladwyn) Richardson, a longtime science/technology teacher for Toledo Public Schools who has been with TTA since it opened.

Here is the part of Joseph's speech about TTA, a TPS magnet school that has students in grades 7th through 12th: