Social Studies Joe Boyle looked out at his audience of high school students and put their semester-long research project into perspective.

He told them of an old saying that goes, "As long as someone's name is spoken, they're not really dead. In a very real and tangible way, you have kept them alive."

Mr. Boyle was speaking of the 40 men with ties to northwest Ohio whose lives - and deaths - the students researched and then wrote about. The men died during World War II and the members of Mr. Boyle's distance-learning class - students from Bowsher, Start, Waite and Woodward - read their reports during the annual Fallen Heroes event at Waite High School. The event had special poignancy this year because  it was held on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which catapulted the United States into the war.

The Waite High School National Honor Society filled 17 care projects for sick children as part of a service project for Joyful Smiles Thru Faith, a non-profit organization founded by Waite graduate Jacqueline Federico.

The organization provides care packages to children who are admitted into area hospitals. They are filled with various games, toys, coloring books, crayons, a teddy bear and a card made by the donor.

Ms. Federico says, "I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Waite High School National Honor Society for stuffing 17 Kare Packages for Joyful Smiles Thru Faith. This batch of Kare Packages will be our very first delivery to the sick children in St. Vincent's Children's Hospital."

Waite Principal Todd Deem said he was most impressed with how generous the students were with their resources and their time.

"The students felt a connection to children they will likely never meet, and they completed the service project with care and enthusiasm," said Mr. Deem and Audrey Fox, the chapter's adviser.

Ms. Federico says, "We here at JSTF are very proud of the WHS students as well. The Kare Packages look amazing and the children will love them. Again thank you so much! We are Toledo Public Schools PROUD!"

More information about the non-profit organization can be found at:

Pictured in the photo on the front is (from left to right): William Konesni; Estrella Marquez; Jaymie Williams; Alicia Guerra; Ms. Cori Boos, (assistant principal, pupil personnel); Djeneba Diallo; Brian Perrine; Annie Konesni; Mikayla Autman; Robin Foster; Belle Taylor; Ms. Federico; Mr. Deem; Carlos Puente; Onicia Broines; Da’Von Brown; Chanyng Fournier; Mrs. Audrey Fox (adviser) and Alexandria Rayford-West. Contributors not pictured: Ms. Maureen O’Connell (teacher); Ahmed Issa; Baylee Adams; La’Precious Simon and Lydia Lundy.

Posted on December 2, 2016

The members of the Whittier Elementary Kindness Club are working hard to learn new things and to find ways to spread their message.

They recently had an afternoon where they practiced good manners while eating with friends in a session they called Friendgiving. Teacher Jessica Bartz reports, "We all said please and thank you, used our manners, worked on using a napkin and not talking with our mouths full. Thank you to Suburban Builders for their donation of pizza and soda!"

The members of the club then did a fun Google Classroom assignment where they wrote kind things about other members of the club.

Annette Ryden, an eighth grade English teacher at Toledo Technology Academy, has multiple objectives for a project she recently started with some students from the nearby McKinley Elementary.

As she thought of her own students, Mrs. Ryden realized that some of them were not reading as well as she would like and she knew the importance of getting young children interested in reading as a key to academic success later in their school careers.

What she came up with was teaming her older TTA students with the younger McKinley students.

Entrepreneur Jake Steinfeld (of Body by Jake fame) was on hand last week when the ribbon was cut on Glendale-Feilbach Elementary’s new DON’T QUIT fitness center.

It wasn’t just a random visit.

Mr. Steinfeld, the chairman of the National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils, joined other dignitaries for an Oct. 4 news conference announcing that Glendale-Feilbach was one of three schools in the state of Ohio to be selected as a National Fitness Champion for ‘demonstrating new and innovative ways for promoting student physical activity and wellness.' The prize for winning the honor was $100,000 in gym equipment.