Offering a rigorous curriculum so the students of Toledo Public Schools can compete in a global economy is one of the six core commitments that drive district administrators.

On Thursday, March 24, Dr. Romules Durant, CEO/Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, joined with Dr. Sharon L. Gaber, president of the University of Toledo, to announce an exciting new collaboration between TPS and UT that will give added support to students in the College Credit Plus program so they can graduate with an associate of arts degree while still in high school.

College Credit Plus is a statewide program that allows students to earn high school and college credit at the same time and TPS and UT are creating a structure to make sure committed students have the support they need to complete an associate degree.

First, to ensure that as many students as possible are taking College Credit Plus classes, the district has named a veteran educator, Dr. Robin Wheatley, to head up the program. Dr. Wheatley was most recently the principal of Toledo Early College High School. In the fall of 2015, 401 TPS students enrolled in the College Credit Plus program at UT.

“Our mission is to produce competitive college and career ready graduates through a rigorous curriculum … and this new collaboration will allow many students to get a jump start on their future by earning college credits while still in high school,” says Dr. Durant.

Administrators also plan to take advantage of the nearly $800,000 in state grants awarded to UT to help fund tuition for a master’s degree for high school teachers wanting to teach the college courses. The district aims by the start of the 2016-2017 school year to have up to 40 high school teachers with the necessary credentials to teach the more rigorous curriculum of College Credit Plus.

“UT is excited to expand this partnership with TPS to make a college education more accessible and convenient for students. Not only will these students be able to accomplish their goals of earning college credits early, but also have a degree in hand, further positioning them well for success,” UT's Dr. Gaber says.

Successful implementation will allow TPS to meet another core commitment: developing a culture of high expectations so all students and staff members have the ability to achieve excellence.

Posted on April 1, 2016