Two Raymer Elementary students recently performed an act so kind that Dr. Romules Durant, CEO/superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, wanted to make sure they knew he was TPS Proud of them.

Principal Barb Ferguson relates that a student was getting bullied in one of Raymer's 5th grade classrooms so two fellow students decided, with the help of their parents, to try and help their classmate.

"Anthony Hardy and Aidan Hoffman saved their money and did extra jobs around their homes to earn money for clothing and toiletries for their fellow classmate," Ms. Ferguson says. "On Wednesday, March 1, they presented their classmate with new clothing (tennis shoes, school shirts, shorts, jeans, casual tops, socks and toiletries). The recipient and parents were appreciative of this act of kindness."

She concluded: "The gift from Anthony and Aidan is helping this student move past a difficult situation in his life at school."

When Dr. Durant heard the story, he knew he wanted to do something to recognize their kindness. On April 6, Dr. Durant met with the boys and their families - and brought them pizza!

Posted on April 20, 2017