Old West End Academy third graders were recently invited to a Book Tasting event so they could 'sample' great books across various genres.

The purpose behind the event - spearheaded by teachers Sheryl Pitsenbarger and Sandra Chittum - was to spark the reading interest of the students, who have a goal of reading 40 books each this school year.

The students were invited to their reserved tables by their 'chefs' - Mrs. Pitsenbarger and Mrs. Chittum - where a great book waited on their plate. They were then given time to sample the books while they were told to 'eat up' the words to increase their vocabulary.

The students wrote down what the author did to hook or interest them, gave the book a rating and told whether or not they would read the book.

After the sampling, the students shared their responses.They were also allowed to check out a book to begin their reading adventure. Principal Kathy Gregory says the plan is to invite the students to another Book Tasting event in the upcoming months to chart their reading progress.