Byrnedale Elementary Principal Christina Ramsey had seen a Little Library in Old Orchard and was determined to have one for her school.

"Little Libraries have been popping up all over the city and I have been wanting one for our Byrnedale Bulldogs to help them grow their libraries at home," she says.

And now, thanks to the school's faith-based partner, Family Christian Center and member Gene Atchinson, she has one. She says: "Thank you to Family Christian Center for our library! We love it."

The concept is simple, she says.

"This idea is a wonderful community concept of sharing your favorite book or ones that you no longer read with others. In turn, students can borrow a book to take home. They can choose to keep it or return it back the the Little Library."

Since it's debut last month, "This library has become a popular hang out spot for our students before school and after school and many books have already been lent out!"