Diana Ruiz-Krause was named the new Director of Public Safety on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

A retired captain with the Toledo Police Department, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in law enforcement that she plans to put into practice to keep the students and staff members of TPS safe.

Mrs. Ruiz-Krause was born and raised in the south end of Toledo, and is also TPS Proud. She attended Marshall Elementary, Jones Jr. High School and Libbey High School for her freshman year, but graduated from Whitney High School.

After serving the department for nearly 34 years, she brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in law enforcement and leadership. She has worked in various positions that include patrolman, sergeant and lieutenant. Mrs. Ruiz-Krause has also worked in recruitment, personnel, planning, internal affairs, background investigations and at the Police Academy. She spent more than 13 years as captain and three as deputy chief.

She made history by becoming the first Hispanic woman to become captain after ranking first in the promotional process. “It was a great moment. I worked hard, studied hard, prepared a lot and was very fortunate to rank first in the promotional process for captain and was promoted. It was a big achievement for me,” Mrs. Ruiz-Krause said.

After her retirement in June of 2017, it became apparent that she was not ready to retire. She felt as though there was more she could do, more she would like to accomplish. She saw a lot of opportunity at TPS to serve the students, staff members and families. Mrs. Ruiz-Krause shared that she was excited to get started because "working in a new environment is a challenge, and I’m always up for a challenge, I’m always up for new things."

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