Students at McKinley STEMM Academy recently enjoyed celebrating Career Day.

Principal Christina Ramsey reports: "This project was created through a vision by an eighth grade student, Nastashia Dauer, who came to administration with an idea to have a Career Day in which students would research a chosen career path and have the ability to dress up like their career of interest. She was encouraged to write a proposal outlining what this day would look like. Once the proposal was complete she was teamed up with our school counselor, Ashley Herr, who worked with Nastashia to make her vision a reality."

Mrs. Ramsey reports that through the use of the Naviance online career tool, students in grades 6-8 began to research careers that aligned with their interests. They created presentations based on their chosen careers and with Ms. Herr's assistance began the process of preparing to present to students in grades K-5, explaining their chosen career, the education required to achieve their goal and a day-to-day job description.

"The students in grades K-5 also had the opportunity to dress up as a career that interested them after researching and having career discussions with their teachers," Mrs. Ramsey says.