Last year, Toledo Public Schools expanded the use of Parent Portal, an online resource that allows parents to monitor their student’s grades, attendance AND assignments and communicate with teachers. The success of the program in our high schools has prompted opening the system to our sixth, seventh and eighth grade families.
As of April 1, these elementary parents now have access to Parent Portal. These parents can now receive updates and learn about their students' current progress in the classroom.
The process for gaining access to the system is very simple. Letters have been mailed to parents and administrative and clerical staff members at all elementary schools have received training in the past few weeks on how to assist those parents who might have a question about registering or how to navigate the system.
Along with the letters that have gone home to the families, all calls and other promotional efforts are happening to encourage parents to sign up for Parent Portal.
We look forward to having more parents gaining access to Parent Portal and to building the connection between our families and schools.
Any questions about Parent Portal can be directed to principals or secretaries at the elementary schools.