9-6-20 to 9-15-20 

Ohio Governor DeWine announced on August 27, 2020 an Ohio Department of Health order that requires K-12 schools to establish a mechanism for parents and guardians to report confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their children. In that order is the responsibility of each district to make publicly available non-identifying information* about positive COVID-19 cases.

Toledo Public Schools’ coordinator for Health Services is responsible for tracking all COVID-19 positive cases and reporting confirmed cases to the Toledo Lucas County Health Department.

August 30, 2020This Week’s NumbersChanges from Last WeekTotal Population SizePercentage of Population
Employees Quarantined 14 +12 4,381 .032%
Students Quarantined   0 22,342 0
Employees Isolated 4 -1 4,381 .091%
Students Isolated   0 22,342 0




  • 14 days is the length of time that anyone who has been in direct contact with someone who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus must quarantine as symptoms can start anywhere from 2 -14 days after exposure.
  • The quarantine period starts on the last day the person was known to have had contact with a person who tests positive. The quarantine may end only after 14 days if the individual was all symptom-free the entire time.


  • Individuals with symptoms who:
  • were screened and are at home
  • had a positive test or have a probable diagnosis.

The school district cannot disclose specific case information due to FERPA/HIPAA laws.


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