Bowsher Earns Purple Start Designation From ODE

Bowsher Earns Purple Start Designation From ODE
Posted on 01/22/2020

A ceremony was held recently at Bowsher High School to acknowledge that the school has ben selected by the Ohio Department of Education as a 2020 Purple Star designee.

The school is the first urban school in the state to receive the honor.

The education department started the Purple Star program four years ago as a way to honor schools' commitment to providing additional services for military-connected students and families.

Robyn Hage, Bowsher's assistant choir director and the staff member responsible for military programming, told The Blade the school honors both students enlisted in the Army as well as staff members who have served in the armed forces, with programming such as a special annual breakfast.

She said the school also has a committee that provides support services for students in military families, "because it's very cumbersome to come into a building where you don't know anybody or you are unsure about the classes that you need to take because you move multiple times a school year."

To learn more about the Purple Star designation, click here. And read here for The Blade's account of the ceremony held on January 16.