Important Message For Apex Users

Important Message For Apex Users
Posted on 03/19/2020

All students who are enrolled in Apex Credit Recovery courses are able to continue in their course and DO NOT need to contact their Apex administrator or teacher to unlock these items.

Students need to take their time and try their very best the FIRST time they take an Apex quiz. The score earned the first time is the score that will be entered in the grade book. That goes for unit tests, too.

All final exams remain locked and CANNOT be unlocked for completion at HOME. If students have completed all of their activities with the exception of the final exam, they need to EMAIL their administrator to let them know. If these students need to recover credit in another course, those administrators will get another APEX course assigned to them at that time.

Apex students taking an English, Biology or Physical Science course need to complete their practice writing pieces and dry labs at home using the resources provided in the Apex course. These activities need to be saved and brought to school when classes resume in April. Final exams will also be completed when students return to school.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that Apex students do their very best. This means reading through all presented material, completing all practice items and study sheets, and taking their time on quizzes and tests... NO CLICKING AND GUESSING!

As always with Apex Credit Recovery Courses, students must have an overall final score of 70 percent or higher to recover the credit.

Apex Administrators
Bowsher High School: Mr. Krueger [email protected]
Start High School: Mrs. Cox [email protected]
Scott High School: Mr. Mercurio [email protected]
Rogers High School: Mrs. Jones [email protected]
Waite High School: Mr. Griffith [email protected]
Woodward High School: Mrs. Ramirez [email protected]
Toledo Early College: [email protected]

Students can login to apex at where they will be able to login with their assigned username and password.