Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Early Entrance to Kindergarten Testing
Posted on 02/23/2023

Dear Parents of Potential Early Entrance to Kindergarten Students:

Toledo Public Schools has a new schedule for our early entrance to kindergarten testing for the upcoming school year. 

Applications are available beginning on Tuesday, February 22, 2023 and they must be completed and returned to the Office of Advanced Academics by March 31, 2023Links to a guide and the application are below along with the timeline. 

You can email them to Diana Jones-Manley ([email protected]) at the Advanced Academics Office at DeVilbiss, Room 3205, Toledo, OH 43613.

Once the applications have been submitted by March 31, 2023, initial assessments will be completed during April and May 2023.  Parents who have applied will be notified for the date and time of their child’s assessment.   

In May and June 2023, parents will be notified if their child has been identified as needing additional testing. They will be given the date and time of the assessment.

In July 2023, parents will be notified of the final decision of the testing committee for early entrance to kindergarten.

If you have questions about the early entrance process, please call the Advanced Academics Office at DeVilbiss. The phone number is 419-671-8935.

Guide - TPS Early Entrance to Kindergarten 2023 -24

Early Entrance Application

  1. Tuesday following Presidents Day:  Application window opens.  Applications are available at www.tps.org or may be requested by phone at 419-671-8935.
  2. March 31:  Application due date.  No late applications will be considered.
  3. April-May:  Initial assessments completed.  Parents will be notified of the date/time for assessment. 
  4. May-June:  Parents of students identified for additional testing will be notified of the date/time for assessment.
  5. July:  Parents are notified of the final decision regarding early entrance.


Diana Jones-Manley

Senior Director, Advanced Academics