TPS in Harvard University's EdRedsign

TPS in Harvard University's EdRedsign
Posted on 06/27/2024

The Junction neighborhood in Central Toledo has long struggled with poverty and the lack of educational attainment. Community, local, and state organizations have worked collaboratively over the years to grapple with these multi-generational issues.

Now, to maximize efforts in addressing these deep-rooted societal challenges, Toledo Public Schools, the Art Tatum Zone, United Way of Greater Toledo, and Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH) are participating in the nationally recognized Harvard University’s EdRedesign Institute for Success Planning Community of Practice program.

The Institute for Success Planning is a two-year initiative that builds on the success of community organizations by helping accelerate community-driven efforts through systemic approaches that advance individualized support, helping ensure that all children and youth have clear and accessible pathways to succeed in both school and life. The Institute enhances cross-sector, place-based strategies that advance solutions to issues such as chronic absenteeism,
learning differences, and housing insecurity, among others, while strengthening youth voice and family engagement.

The Art Tatum Zone will act as the liaison for the work done in partnership with the Institute for Success Planning, bringing together the other core partners, community leaders, and key organizations and individuals to support the initial design and implementation of the initiative, as well as the continued efforts to scale this work in the metropolitan Toledo area.

Toledo Public Schools (TPS) aims to provide innovative educational opportunities to help ensure each child is prepared for future success, and will serve as a critical connection point to children and families. Additionally, TPS is committed to identifying internal district and school leaders to contribute in the design and execution of the comprehensive plan to align efforts with other district priorities.

Dr. Durant is ready to participate in the EdRedesign project. Saying "The district has a longstanding partnership with the Art Tatum Zone. We look forward to supporting the development of a plan that will benefit our students and strengthen our community."