Twin sisters honored as top 2

Twin sisters honored as top 2
Posted on 05/03/2023
Mya and Madison Glover

Twin sisters honored as top 2 students in the class.

Mya, the valedictorian, found success by staying organized.

"I've always been the kind of person where I get everything done as soon as I get it, because I figure I better get it done now [instead of] later," said Mya, who also credited family members for their support. "Just staying ahead of everything, because that gave me time to ask questions when I need it, and just get everything turned in when I needed to."

Madison, named salutatorian, said she is "a little bit more of a procrastinator" than her sister, but said her success stemmed from putting in the work.

"I would go to all of the study sessions, be at the library, doing the tutoring sessions, so just putting in the work -- and then, knowing when I need the help, I can ask for the help," said Madison.

The Glovers are set to graduate on May 16. Both students plan on attending the University of Toledo, where they said they both earned full scholarships.

Paulette Cole, the principal of Toledo Early College, says that the twins have been "amazing."