Parents and guardians of Toledo Public Schools are being asked to fill out a Parent Survey so the district can collect parent perceptions related to a number of key topics.

Those topics include engagement, possible barriers to engagement and the overall culture of their children's school. It is critical to gather this feedback in order to provide a learning environment that respects a culturally-diverse community.

The survey results will determine what resources parents might need to better support their students' academic success and what obstacles that may impact their participation. The information will be used as a key driver as the district works to align programs and resources.

In addition to the link on the district’s website, parents and guardians can fill out the Parent Survey by texting @pxtps to 35134 - the survey can be taken on any texting device. The survey can also be taken using a QR code. Finally, there will be some paper versions available but it is hopeful as many people as possible will use one of the electronic versions to reduce the need to manually enter the data.

Ford B. Cauffiel was still in grade school when he helped fix an engine for a next door neighbor.

The man, a high school teacher, was so impressed that he insisted young Ford set his sights on becoming an engineer, arranging tutoring with another student so the young Ford could pass algebra and then geometry and trigonometry.

When he graduated in 1948 from the old Libbey High School, Mr. Cauffiel, 85, remembers he was ‘the highest in mathematics’ but didn’t do so great in English.

The difference, the successful businessman is convinced, was that early tutoring from a fellow student.