7th and 8th Grade  ★   Supply List  ★   2018-2019
We are so excited to teach your children in 7th and 8th grade at Toledo Early College. In order for each child to be ready for the year, we have put together a list of supplies that should meet their needs for ALL classes. It is our hope that by providing this list early, you are able to shop back-to-school sales at your convenience. 
All of the supplies on this list are for use by your individual student, not for teachers. However, to assist your students in rationing their supplies to last the entire year, advisory teachers may collect some of your child’s supplies and store them in an individually labelled container for later use. 
Option 1 - Binder & Tabs
Option 2 - Folders & Notebooks
12 month planner
1 composition notebook, 100 pages, college ruled (for English)
Binder, 2” minimum, with at least 6 tabs
500 sheets of notebook paper; college-ruled preferred
12 month planner
1 composition notebook, 100 pages, college ruled (for English)
6 folders, with brads
Please buy sturdy folders or plan to re-purchase folders later in the year.
5 additional notebooks, 100 pages, college ruled, or one 5-subject notebook
Pencil Pouch & Tools
Communal Supplies
Pencil pouch or box
Sturdy backpack 
At least 24 pencils - wooden, or mechanical with additional lead
4 multi-color highlighters
Black/blue pens and red pens
2 black sharpies
A TI-30XIIS scientific calculator
Plastic protractor with 6-inch ruler
4 boxes of tissues 
8 glue sticks
8 skinny dry-erase markers
Optional Supplies 
(keep at home)
Optional Supplies 
(for student to carry)
Tri-fold boards
Construction/colored paper
Hole punch
Hot glue gun
Post-it notes
White out 
Personal hand sanitizer
Mini-stapler with staples