Working Together

The Foundation's intent is to compliment and provide resources to support other existing TPS fundraising organizations – not to duplicate their good work. The district's high school foundations, booster organizations, PTO groups and others do outstanding work. The TPS Foundation will focus on areas of unmet district need to enhance learning and promote success for students across the district.

Bank presidents and tech entrepreneurs. School superintendents and college coaches. Business owners and committed community volunteers. What they all have in common is that they received their education from Toledo Public Schools and are so dedicated to their alma maters that they give back in a number of ways.

Several TPS high schools have annual Hall of Fame dinners and large class reunions are the norm.

An expanded group of TPS graduates and community leaders has been working with the existing board to re-structure and re-energize the Foundation – sharpening its focus and setting the state for even greater impact.

If you’re an alumnus of TPS and would like to get involved with the Foundation, please contact us at 419-671-0440 or send an email to