Naviance, the world's most widely-adopted college-and career-readiness platform, allows school officials to collect, monitor and analyze data and engage students and families. Students will complete such information as interest inventories and learning style assessments, and all gathered information will remain with the students as they travel from 6th grade to graduation. The collected data will also allow administrators to track students after they graduate.

Students have log ins for their accounts and take assessments to determine their interests and possible career paths.

Select your school below to access Family Connection, the parent and student component of Naviance.



Bowsher High School

Jones Leadership Academy of Business

Rogers High School

Scott High School

Start High School

Toledo Early College

Toledo Pre-Medical Academy

Toledo Technology Academy

Toledo Virtual Academy

Waite High School

Westfield Achievement

Woodward High School


Arlington Elementary

Beverly Elementary

Birmingham Elementary

Burroughs Elementary

Bryndale Elementary

Chase STEMM Academy

DeVeaux Elementary

East Broadway Elementary

Edgewater Elementary

Ella P. Stewart Academy

Elmhurst Elementary

Escuela SMART Academy

Garfield Elementary

Glendale-Feilbach Elementary

Glenwood Elementary

Grove Patterson Academy

Harvard Elementary

Hawkins Elementary

Keyser Elementary

Larchmont Elementary

Leverette Elementary

Longfellow Elementary

Marshall STEMM Academy

MLK Academy

McKinley STEMM Academy

McTigue Elementary

Navarre Elementary

Oakdale Elementary

Old Orchard Elementary

Old West End Academy

Ottawa River

Pickett Academy

Raymer Elementary

Reynolds Elementary

Riverside Elementary

Robinson Elementary

Rosa Parks Elementary

Sherman Elementary

Spring Elementary

Toledo Virtual Academy Elementary

Walbridge Elementary

Whittier Elementary