Schools as Community Hubs

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Schools as Community Hubs


Schools as Community Hubs serve as both a place and a set of partnerships to meet the identified needs of a school and the surrounding community.  


Based on the national community schools strategy, Toledo Public Schools has transformed six schools into Hubs. In these Hub schools, you will find services and resources that promote the academic success of students, nurture family and community connectedness, and foster health and wellness within the community.


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Hubs FAQ

Hubs Quarterly Progress - 2023/2024 Q1

22.23 Reporting Summary

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Schools as Community Hubs Town Halls 

The purpose of Schools as Community Hubs Town Halls is to transition from data collection and analysis to action planning in response to identified and agreed upon community priorities.  While the Town Hall functions as a vehicle to affirm data, the fundamental purpose is to invite community into the community discovery process, compel stakeholders to provide input, and encourage participants to commit to long-term support of Hub goals.  In short, the Town Hall is a key activity to share ownership of the Hub’s success in supporting students and families.

Please take a look at our upcoming Town Hall event flyers (below) and REGISTER TODAY!

Riverside Town HallScott Town Hall