Hubs 101

Community Schools Infographic
What is a community hub?

A community hub is a school that centralizes access to resources so that they are accessible to the local community. The Hub collaborates with community partners and services that respond to local priorities, as determined by students, families, staff, and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. Hubs believe in engaging and strengthening the broad community so that our students, families, and neighborhoods can thrive.

Mission Statement: Hubs align resources to create thriving communities resulting in everyone achieving their potential.

Vision Statement: Hubs envision a safe and healthy community where everyone has the opportunity for growth and success.

Tagline: Whole Child. Whole Family. Whole Community.

Hubs Frequently Asked Questions

Hubs Strategic Overview

National Resources
• Coalition for Community Schools
• Children’s Aid National Center for Community Schools
• Four Pillars of Community Schools - infographic printable

Expansion Resources:
• Hub School Readiness Assessment
• Lead Partner Readiness Assessment
• Hub Advisory Team
• Hub Director Roles + Responsibilities
• Lead Partner Roles + Responsibilities
• Hub Principal Roles + Responsibilities