Libbey High School Golf

Libbey Gold 19331933-1934 Trophies


Northwest Ohio has a long history with the sport of golf, especially with the Inverness Club, Sylvanus Jermain, and Libbey High School. First started in 1927, Libbey golf teams won numerous district and state championships throughout the next decade, often overshadowing the success of the beloved Libbey Cowboy football teams.

Libbey won the state golf championship in 1929 with John Meier as one of the players. Meier became a star golfer with Toledo University and was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 1993. Equally impressive was the 1933 Libbey golf team, coached by Art Glattke with Ray Urwin as the captain. Urwin was described as “the best Libbey golfer to ever remove the sod” according to the 1933 yearbook. They defeated DeVilbiss, Woodward, Waite, Scott, Central Catholic, and St. John’s that year to win the City League championship.

The success continued in 1935 and 1938, with the team winning the district championship those years, and in 1936, when the team again captured  the state championship. They truly went fore the win!