Strategic Plan

Toledo Public Schools serves more than 22,000 students in two preschools, 41 elementary schools, and 12 high schools, plus a Virtual Academy for students in first through twelfth grades.

In December, 2013, Dr. Romules Durant became the CEO/Superintendent and set the school district on a course for positive change. Building on two significant endeavors -- the highly acclaimed Transformation Plan and an inclusive Performance Audit -- TPS has worked diligently to create a platform for new and innovative programs and curriculum offerings.

In 2014, with transformation and change well on its way to making TPS a nationally recognized urban school district, district leaders determined that it was time to develop a Strategic Plan that would serve as the vision and road map for the future. After a year of working with Battelle For Kids and soliciting input from teachers, administrators, students, parents and community and civic leaders, the Strategic Plan was implemented in the 2015-2016 school year.


We provide innovative educational opportunities that ensure each student is prepared for
their future.


We empower each and every student to lead and live a purpose-driven life.

Core Values:

  • Student-Centered -
    • We intentionally prioritize the success of each student.
  • Student Ownership -
    • We provide choice and voice to nurture student growth.
  • Safety and Wellness -
    • We promote healthy behaviors to protect our physical, mental, social and emotional needs.
  • Culture of Positivity -
    • We nurture a culture of respect and belonging.
  • Growth Mindset -
    • We own our actions and embrace opportunities to grow and improve.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Pursue excellence for each and every student -
    • Deliver quality instruction to every student.
    • Ensure student success in all learning environments.
    • Engage parents and families as partners.
  • Provide innovative educational opportunities -
    • Expand access to opportunities that prepare students for their future.
    • Transform the local workforce through collaborative relationships.
  • Embrace the full potential of each individual -
    • Support the health and wellbeing of each and every student, family, and educator.
    • Amplify student voice throughout the district and community.
    • Adopt inclusive practices that support a culture of belonging.
  • Invest in all staff -
    • Build an employee experience that attracts the best talent.
    • Provide opportunities for growth and development to all staff. Recognize and retain highly effective staff.
  • Provide exceptional experiences -
    • Uphold rigorous policies and practices to ensure safety for all.
    • Ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness focused on positive student impact.
    • Pursue opportunities to bring new resources into the district.

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Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Chief of Strategy and Organizational Development


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