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TPS 2022-23 Year In Review

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Every year, the Ohio Department of Education releases an annual report card for each district in the state. These report cards contain data related to student testing results as well as information on data points like absenteeism. While we encourage you to review the district's report card by the Ohio Department of Education, we ask you to scroll below to see how TPS supports and involves students, prioritizes each and every student's future, engages the community, invests in staff, and focuses on continuous improvement.

Toledo has a vibrant, growing community with a beautiful history that includes its public schools. We know that our students, staff, families, and community accomplish great things. And that the stories of these accomplishments are impossible to capture in a single test or data report. In short, TPS believes that our students, staff, families, and community are more than achievement test data and a state report card.

Data from 2022-23 school year shows that students, staff, and families are prioritizing learning. And, while the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will reverberate through our district and community for years to come, TPS has been resilient. With the support of families and the community, we have made great progress and have all worked hard to recover from the pandemic. We will continue to make strides inside and outside of the classroom for years to come.

We look forward to continuing to report on our progress and define "TPS Proud" for generations to come.