Staff Directory

Director Student Support Services Amy AllenDr. Amy Allen 419-671-9103 [email protected]
Early Childhood Senior Director Ann NewtonAnn Newton 419-671-9130 [email protected]
Quality Assurance Coordinator Myla Dodson Myla Dodson  419-671-9126  [email protected] 
Curriculum and Assessment Director Tamara LemleTamara Lemle 419-671-9125 [email protected]
Enrollment Supervisor Dennis SpringsDennis Springs 419-671-9124 [email protected]
Federal Programs Coordinator Janine WilliamsJanine Williams 419-671-9123 [email protected]
Health and Nutrition Coordinator Nicole HancockNicole Hancock 419-671-0833 [email protected]
Parent, Family & Community Engagement Coordinator Nicole Shetterly 419-671-0834 [email protected]
Special Education, Assistant Director Megan DiandaMegan Dianda 419-671-8755 [email protected]
Building Principal for Crossgates Kim SamsKim Sams 419-671-2750 [email protected]
Building Principal for Mayfair Linda VinetLinda Vinet 419-671-8756 [email protected]
Education Supervisor for Summit Hub Jessica KastorJessica Kastor 419-671-9220 [email protected] 
Education Supervisor for Heatherdowns Hub Alexis Ankney 419-671-2760 [email protected]
 Education Supervisor for Robinson Hub Rachel Dudukovich Rachel Dudukovich  419-671-4200; Room 110  [email protected]