Toledo Public Schools and Raptor Technologies have partnered to build an emergency response and visitor management system that positions TPS to ensure student, staff, and visitor safety.  Safety is an ongoing priority of our district, and we are looking to improve processes that protect our students, staff, and partners.

Each time a non-TPS employee (including partner staff and volunteers) visits a building, he or she is expected to sign in through Raptor.  There are two ways to sign in: as a visitor, or as a volunteer.  

Visitors are not registered in Raptor and should not have direct or repeated access to students.  Those registered in Raptor as volunteers or partners (all are considered “Volunteers” in the Raptor system) will have different access levels, depending on the level of screening he or she receives.

Volunteers (including partners) who may be alone with students are required to submit results from an FBI and BCI fingerprint screening.  Partners (or volunteers) in need of fingerprinting can schedule an appointment with the TPS Department of Public Safety by calling (419) 671-8293.  Fees apply, and are the responsibility of the volunteer or partner.

Registrations must be renewed annually, and all visitors - volunteers, partners, parents - are subject to a screening against the national Sex Offender registry each time they sign in through Raptor.  Beyond that, background check levels are dependent upon the function the volunteer or employee has in the school.  

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Volunteer Application - Spanish

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