Students Making Achievements Right This Second

Established in 2018

Student testimonial:
  • "I have been in SMARTS since my freshman year and I am a senior now. SMARTS has helped me overcome many obstacles I’ve struggled with: I now can talk to new people and express my opinion. I can also overcome most situations I’m in and it made me want to speak my opinion because every single person’s voice matters. Change cannot occur at a standstill so in order for there to be change we need to push for it".


Woodward SMARTSStudent-Driven Improvement at TPS 

Toledo Public Schools leadership established the Students Making Achievements Right This Second or “SMARTS” program as a way to engage high school students by empowering students to identify and improve their schools and communities.

SMARTS students are often asked to participate in surveys and focus groups, attend conferences, speak at Board meetings, represent the district at events, and more. For example, SMARTS students were integral to the development of the district’s new strategic plan! SMARTS students from all over the district attend fun but educational team-building events at venues across Lucas County like the Toledo Museum of Art and the Toledo Zoo. While together they devote time surfacing improvement ideas, brainstorming possible solutions, implementing the chosen solutions, and evaluating impact. TPS loves that SMARTS students drive improvement at TPS and make the community a better place for everyone to live and learn!

Student developed elevator statements about SMARTS: 

  • SMARTS is a program at TPS that encourages students to speak up and make change up to the district levels.
  • Smarts means stepping into others shoes and seeing their problems for what they are.
  • Smarts is moving schools forward. Smarts is change.
  • SMARTS stands for focusing on students being heard, making changes to improve our environment to better our city, country and everything around us, while being included in the decision making process.

During 2022-2023, SMARTS students were asked to present at the Ohio School Boards Association Conference at the Columbus Convention Center. There they answered the questions of many sitting school board members from across the state about their experiences with SMARTS!

Dr. Durant w/SMARTSSMARTS Logo


SMARTS video spotlight: