Strategic Plan

For more than a decade, TPS has been on a course for positive change through strategic management and continuous improvement. Our current Strategic Plan is a comprehensive roadmap designed to ensure each and every student is prepared for their future and empowered to lead a purpose-driven life.

The design of the current Strategic Plan was completed over the course of a year. TPS partnered with Experience Management Institute (EXMI) to facilitate conversations across the district and gain input and feedback from students, teachers, administrators, families, partners, and community leaders. The new Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board in August of 2023.

Successful execution of the Strategic Plan involves connecting the mission, vision, values, and goals with daily operations focused on student impact. Mr. Brian Murphy ensures collaboration across the district and the Board, leading long-term planning, evaluates priorities, develops organization structure and policies, and supports department planning.

Since Dr. Romules Durant became CEO/Superintendent in 2013, the district has prioritized strategic growth. Building on the momentum of the Transformation Plan, a comprehensive Performance Audit, and the first strategic plan, TPS has expanded its innovative education opportunities, becoming a nationally recognized leader in urban education.


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We provide innovative educational opportunities that ensure each student is prepared for
their future.


We empower each and every student to lead and live a purpose-driven life.

Core Values:

  • Student-Centered -
    • We intentionally prioritize the success of each student.
  • Student Ownership -
    • We provide choice and voice to nurture student growth.
  • Safety and Wellness -
    • We promote healthy behaviors to protect our physical, mental, social and emotional needs.
  • Culture of Positivity -
    • We nurture a culture of respect and belonging.
  • Growth Mindset -
    • We own our actions and embrace opportunities to grow and improve.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Pursue excellence for each and every student -
    • Deliver quality instruction to every student.
    • Ensure student success in all learning environments.
    • Engage parents and families as partners.
  • Provide innovative educational opportunities -
    • Expand access to opportunities that prepare students for their future.
    • Transform the local workforce through collaborative relationships.
  • Embrace the full potential of each individual -
    • Support the health and wellbeing of each and every student, family, and educator.
    • Amplify student voice throughout the district and community.
    • Adopt inclusive practices that support a culture of belonging.
  • Invest in all staff -
    • Build an employee experience that attracts the best talent.
    • Provide opportunities for growth and development to all staff. Recognize and retain highly effective staff.
  • Provide exceptional experiences -
    • Uphold rigorous policies and practices to ensure safety for all.
    • Ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness focused on positive student impact.
    • Pursue opportunities to bring new resources into the district.

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Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Chief of Strategy and Organizational Development


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