School Bus Rules

Students are required to follow these rules when waiting for the bus and when riding the bus.


  1. Students must be waiting at their assigned bus stop 5 minutes before their scheduled pick-up times. Bus drivers are not required to wait or blow their horns at bus stops. 
  2. Students will maintain orderly behavior while waiting for the bus to arrive.
  3. Students should stand and wait for your bus in the designated place of safety.
  4. If required to cross the street, students will cross the roadway in front of the bus after the bus has stopped, they have looked at the bus driver for a hand signal, and they have looked in both directions for traffic; left, right, left.
  5. Students will signal the bus driver with a waving motion if they have dropped something and wait for the bus driver to give a signal before picking up an object.
  6. Load and unload the bus at your designated stop in an orderly manner.


  1. Students must follow the direction of the bus driver/aide.
  2. Students will go directly to their assigned seat when entering the bus. Keep the aisles and exits clear.
  3. Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats, as needed.
  4. NOT PERMITTED ON THE BUS - Eating, drinking, bullying/fighting, and/or littering.
  5. Students must keep their hands, head and all other objects inside the bus at all times.
  6. Noise on the bus shall be kept to a minimum. There must be absolute silence at a railroad crossing and other places of danger specified by the driver.
  7. Smoking or vaping is prohibited on the bus.
  8. Do not be destructive or touch any emergency equipment. 
  9. Students are expected to ride the bus to which they have been assigned and to get off at their assigned bus stop. Only in the event of an emergency, as determined by the principal or their representative, will a student be allowed to ride a different bus. Notification of this emergency must be sent to the school in a written note signed by the parent/guardian. The school administrator may provide a bus pass granting permission.
  10. Students shall be prohibited from using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or
    reflective devices in a manner that might interfere with the school bus driver's operation of
    the school bus.

Remember the school bus is an extension of the classroom; therefore misconduct may result in suspension or loss of transportation privileges.


Transportation Department

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