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Student Discipline

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Learning can only take place in a regulated, consistent environment. Therefore, TPS has adopted its City-Wide Student Discipline Code. In recent years, a panel of educators, students and parents participated in a thorough review of the current code that also included researching practices in use in districts across the country. The rules and consequences listed pertain to all schools in the district. The rules apply to all school related activities, bus conduct, and action aimed toward a TPS employee or official and/or their property.

Student Discipline Code (Spanish)

Student Discipline Code (Arabic)

Parents'/Guardians' Roles in Discipline

Consistency of rules and consequences is the key to maintaining a disciplined learning environment, and having the home and school working together is the best way to develop an atmosphere where the school runs smoothly and your child can best grow and develop intellectually and socially. When parents encourage appropriate behavior at home, students understand the importance and rewards of good conduct. You may want to review the Student Discipline Code with your child as an added way for your child to understand what is expected.