How to Partner

New Partners
For partners looking to provide repeated and direct programming to TPS students, the first step is to fill out the TPS Partner Survey. This will allow us to understand the type of services you are looking to provide to our students and families.
There are additional requirements for certain types of partners. More information will be provided based on your interest in supporting the district.
If you are not planning repeated and direct programming for students, or would like more information on partner expectations, please contact [email protected].
Returning Partners
Each year, TPS partners are expected to complete the following activities to continue their partnership in service of TPS students and families:

  • Complete the Partner Survey.
    The partner survey allows us to know who is providing what services in what buildings. It also informs our contact list and supports our efforts to meet identified gaps across the district.
  • Complete the Partner Agreement.  
    To get a link for the 2023-2024 TPS Partner Agreement, email [email protected].
    Additionally, all partners are expected to successfully complete Partners with Purpose. Information on that process will be updated soon.  
    Partners in need of student level data or access to TPS email accounts should email [email protected].