Partners with Purpose

The leadership of Toledo Public Schools is grateful for the support of our TPS Proud partners. We cannot move the needle of achievement higher without the support of strong partners. We aim to strengthen the interventions our partners provide to our students to maximize outcomes through a process called Partners with Purpose.

Research indicates the importance of data-driven partnerships and programming. In order for programs to have the biggest impact, they must assess their role in skill development among participants while identifying strengths and weaknesses. They must also demonstrate alignment between their services and the needs of the community.

Through Partners with Purpose, our partners have been able to more clearly communicate their impact. Additionally, the district has been able to identify student successes, organizational best practices, availability of resources, and gaps in services.

Partners with Purpose prepares TPS partners to engage in continuous improvement planning, known in the district as the 5-Step Protocol to Partnership. This process incorporates identification of a target population, meaningful program design, clear outcomes and measures, and an evaluation plan. The 5-Step Protocol is designed to ensure our students are receiving the highest quality support for their academic, social, physical, emotional, and behavioral development.

The mission of Partners with Purpose is to ensure meaningful and strategic partnerships among TPS and participating organizations.

Since 2015, nearly 100 programs have successfully completed Partners with Purpose. Learn more here: PwP  3.0  The revamped Partners with Purpose will launch soon.

This program is designed for partners who provide repeated and direct programming to TPS students. It is mandatory for all programs accessing (or hoping to access) district dollars, student level data, or district technology.

For more information on Partners with Purpose, or to sign up for a future cohort, email Gayle Lake, the district's community liaison.

Please read our Report to the Community