Partners with Purpose

Toledo Public Schools is excited to announce the launch of a reimagined Partners with Purpose.

PwP Spring Timeline

Partners with Purpose exists to ensure meaningful and strategic alignment among Toledo Public Schools and its community partners.

There is an emphasis on partners who provide repeated and direct programming to students, or those who want access to our students, our space, our dollars, or our data.

To learn more about how Partners with Purpose is rolling out in Spring 2024, please watch this Information Session. The slideshow can be found here.

The timeline for Partners with Purpose – Spring 2024 is shared above. The focus for this phase of Partners with Purpose is the creation of a logic model as a tool to communicate program impact and needs.

All partners who provide repeated and direct programming to students, or who seek access to TPS space, students, dollars or data are expected to participate in Partners with Purpose.

Program logic models are expected to meet criteria determined by TPS to ensure they can be effectively utilized. You can find that criteria here.

If you have a programmatic logic model that meets TPS criteria, please submit it using this form by
February 26.

If you need help refining your logic model or you need help creating one – JOIN US on February 29 for Logic Model 101. Registration is required, as sessions are limited to 15 organizations (with up to 4 representatives from your organization). Register here!

For any questions about Partners with Purpose, or TPS partnership practices, contact Gayle at [email protected].