Eletronic Vehicle Center Groundbreaking

Eletronic Vehicle Center Groundbreaking
Posted on 09/07/2023

Toledo Public Schools has started construction work on the $5.7 million Electric Vehicle Center project. The facility is expected to be ready for students in the fall of 2024.

The Electric Vehicle Center will be part of the Toledo Technology Academy of Engineering, to offer classes on
electric vehicle design and maintenance, and will allow the district to form partnerships with vehicle manufacturers and provide training. Classes at the Electric Vehicle Center will also be made available to adults.

As part of the efforts to prepare to offer classes next year, two teachers from TTA will receive training at the
Tesla facility in Houston, Texas.

Funding for this project includes $1.25 million in federal support secured by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.
The goal is to make the Toledo area a national leader in providing instruction for the maintenance and repair
of electric vehicles.

The three target groups for future training at the Electric Vehicle Center will include:

  • High school students seeking jobs in a cutting-edge industry
  • Current mechanics who want to keep up their skills to be marketable
  • Displaced autoworkers looking for a new career

The Electric Vehicle Center represents Phase 3 of the overall improvements at the Toledo Technology Center of
Engineering located at the former DeVilbiss High School. 

  • Phase 1: $4.8 million, completed fall of 2022, remodeling of the first and second floors North Wing (TTA portion) and the South Wing (PreMed portion) of the building.
  • Phase 2: $7.4 million, remodeling of another wing to house career tech programs for TTA and future use by Owens Community College. Completed work includes: robotics lab, machine engineering design, electric circuit analysis, fluid power and pneumatics. Alternative energy lab to be completed by January of 2024.
  • Other improvements include HVAC/LED renovations ($2.9 million/complete by Nov. 2023), Parking lot
    repaving ($1.8 million/complete by Sep. 2023), Skills Center roof replacement ($763,000/complete by fall of 2024), kitchen remodel ($624,000/complete by fall of 2023).