Escuela Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Escuela Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
Posted on 09/15/2023

¡Bienvenido al mes de la Herencia Hispana!

Fiesta Con Escuela at Escuela SMART Academy, a fantastic community event to celebrate Hispanic Heritage.

Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), Sept 15 - Oct 15, has been nationally recognized and celebrated for over 50 years in the USA.  It begins on Sept 15th to commemorate the anniversaries of the independence of many Latin American countries. This is a time to highlight the many contributions and diverse cultures of the Latinx community. 

We have compiled a few suggested resources that you can use to celebrate HHM in your schools and classrooms. You can find them in this folder. If you have any resources, programming or lessons planned to highlight Hispanic Heritage, please share the details with us! We would love to add your resources and event details to the folder as well.