Parental Saftey Reminder for Spring

Parental Saftey Reminder for Spring
Posted on 04/29/2024
School Safety Sign
With only a few weeks remaining in this school year, we want to share a few key safety reminders with both students and parents: 

1. Students - be smart about what you bring to school. Parents/guardians,please check your student's bookbag on a regular basis to ensure they are only bringing items that are deemed appropriate for school. Students who bring things to school that could cause harm to others will face disciplinary action. 

2. As part of the district’s Student Code of Conduct, students are not permitted to bring outside food into the building unless it is part of their lunch, or a school sponsored bake sale or other such activity in which a staff member has approved the items. Students are also not permitted to share food items that they bring to the school with other students. 

3. Students, be mindful of what you post on social media or say in front of others. Threats against a classmate, a TPS staff member, or a school will not be tolerated. Any sort of statement that suggests a threat against a student or our school, whether made in jest or not, will be fully investigated and will result in a negative outcome, ranging from disciplinary action to possible criminal charges. Parents/guardians, please talk to your student about their social media activities and monitor their pages on a regular basis. 

4. Students, if you see or hear something suspicious, say something. If you hear another student make an inappropriate comment or see something suspicious in a classmate's lunchbox or bookbag, please notify a  teacher or administrator immediately. 

5. Students, walk to and from school or the bus stop with other students. If you see anything out of the ordinary on your travels, please report it to a teacher or administrator immediately. Also, remember not to talk to strangers. 

We need everyone to work together to keep our students safe as we approach the end of the school year.  If you have any questions, please contact your principal.