TPS Board Adopts New Strategic Plan

TPS: Purpose Driven and Future Focused
Posted on 08/22/2023

TPS: Purpose Driven and Future Focused

Mission Statement:

We provide innovative educational opportunities that ensure each student is prepared for
their future.

Vision Statement:

We empower each and every student to lead and live a purpose-driven life.

Core Values:

  • Student-Centered -
    • We intentionally prioritize the success of each student.
  • Student Ownership -
    • We provide choice and voice to nurture student growth.
  • Safety and Wellness -
    • We promote healthy behaviors to protect our physical, mental, social and emotional needs.
  • Culture of Positivity -
    • We nurture a culture of respect and belonging.
  • Growth Mindset -
    • We own our actions and embrace opportunities to grow and improve.