Westfield Door Decorating Contest

Westfield Door Decorating Contest
Posted on 04/01/2024

The SMARTS Team challenge for best the Door Decoration Contest at Westfield High School  was a tough decision for our Judges.

Congratulations to each class that participated!  The judges stated that the door decorations were fun, creative, thoughtful, colorful, and encouraging to students to do their BEST on their testing and during 4th Quarter! 

The Winning πŸ† Classroom was Ms J’s Room 117 - with the theme of πŸ€ Lucky Charms of test prep ideas for best results🎊The students won a Pizza Party with drinks, chips, fruit snacks and cookies πŸͺ.

Second Place Prize went to Room  112 with the theme of β€œAll who Enter are VIP β€œSTARS” who will rock out the test and 4th quarter!” This class won drinks, chips, fruit snacks and cookies! 

All other participating classrooms won chips and fruit snacks! 

Great Job Everyone!  The doors look amazing! 
Thank you Amazing Judges for coming out and casting your vote!  We appreciate your time, support, and care for our students!

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