TPS was awarded federal funding through the Teacher and School Leader (TSL) Incentive program in October 2020. Partnerships, Resources, and Opportunities for Urban Districts (PROUD) is a three-year initiative at TPS that aims to increase student achievement and growth by improving the district’s overall Human Capital Management System (HCMS).


The TSL program supports entities in implementing, improving, and expanding their overall HCMS, which by definition, must include a Performance-Based Compensation System (PCBS). Through PROUD, TPS will be better able to serve students by improving pay structures for staff, recruiting and retaining great teachers and school leaders, and providing greater professional development opportunities.



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TSL/PROUD Grant Focus Areas


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Kristin Kaser
TSL/PROUD Grant Manager

[email protected]


Jolene Winston
Project Coordinator, TSL/PROUD Grant
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 Kathleen Mattimoe

Kathleen Mattimoe
TFT Grant Manager
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